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José Manuel Molina


“Miscellany” José Manuel Molina.
June 28, 2024 – August 30, 2024

Molina works with pastel colors and figures that become increasingly simpler, but no less recognizable. He likes the harmony of colors and softness in these, but he also plays with textures, using the spatula a lot to create reliefs. He is inspired by the sea of ​​his hometown, by coastal spaces, markets and stalls, reflections and symmetries to create his paintings. He takes photographs and then simplifies them, giving them his own style.

J.M. Molina Castro questions the act of seeing, unlearns it to relearn it, thus placing himself in the moments prior to when we all agreed to call reality what was represented before our eyes.
Thus, to deal with matter in its most varied forms, with chance, with technique and with history, the artist, Molina Castro, strips his gaze of unnecessary ornaments, prejudices, and superfluous fashions in order to be able to look as he does and that we can all learn from it.

Joaquín Nebro (2012)

Born in Torre del Mar, José Manuel Molina had it very clear from a young age that his dream was to be a painter, and he has achieved it with the support of his mother. But he has also studied Fine Arts in Seville, enamel on metal in Valencia, he has done ceramics, fashion design, advertising drawing and decoration. He has received several painting prizes, such as Álora Prize or Caja Rural Prize of Seville. His paintings have reached the United States, the Netherlands and many others countries. He has met great artists like Antonio López, who has made him grow and become known, but he has always remained humble and basing his work on his love for art.

Visit us:

1 Císter Street, door 2.
29015 Malaga.
In front of the gardens of the Cathedral of Malaga.

+34 952 211 272


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