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Recognition of a lifetime dedicated to art​


The Alfajar trajectory

The 30th Anniversary of Alfajar will be celebrated in 2022. What emerged as a ceramic workshop among friends, is today a consolidated family business inside and outside our borders, strongly established in the art market, which captures the richness of its designs in all kinds of materials and forms.

Currently run by 3 women, Lola Díaz and Diana and Paula Ruiz, her daughters, Alfajar is also: creative, entrepreneurial, feminist, innovative, resistant to adversity and facilitator of new exhibition spaces as well as new methods of craft creation.

Ahead of their time, thanks to their talent and ability to adapt, they have managed to distinguish themselves in the invisibility of their sector, not only resisting but also moving forward.

This ability to take up tradition and unite it with the most contemporary vision of current ceramics has earned Alfajar numerous awards.


Crafts made in Andalusia, 2022.

This promotional brand identifies the activity of craft companies, natural or legal persons, of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and certifies that the product bearing said brand has been made in a craft workshop registered in the Registry of Crafts of Andalusia. The promotional brand has the following purposes, among others:

  • Provide Andalusian craftsmanship with an image that distinguishes it and that identifies its origin.
  • Promote the dissemination of handicrafts made in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia and encourage their marketing.
  • Protect and maintain the prestige of craft companies, individuals or legal entities, in Andalusia and their works.


Andalusia Craft Quality, 2022.

The purpose of the distinctive is to identify the quality and origin of artisan products, promoting their commercialization and differentiation in the market.

The craft sector in Andalusia is characterized, in general terms, by a remarkable quality that distinguishes it from any other non-craft product or service and treasures an undeniable differentiating value arising from the know-how of the craftsman or craftswoman.


Manises Qualitat I Disseny, 1994.

The style of our ceramics has its roots in the Mediterranean, its civilizations, its myths, its heroes, its creators since archaic times that runs through the Renaissance and reaches the avant-garde. Our high control in all phases of the process make each piece a unique work of art.


Alfa de Oro (Golden Alpha), 1994.

Our beginning was awarded with this recognition. Alfa de Oro (Golden Alpha) are the prizes awarded, since 1977, by the Spanish Society of Ceramics and Glass (SECV) to the most innovative projects in technology and design that are presented at the International Industrial Design Contest, Alfa de Oro Awards, convened by the SECV. every year, and aimed at companies that are part of the ceramic and glass industrial sectors.


Meridiana (Meridian), 1998.

Lola Díaz receives the Meridiana Award as promoter of Alfajar. The Meridiana Awards are granted by the Andalusian Women’s Institute for public recognition of the work carried out by individuals, groups, entities or institutions that have contributed and stood out in the defense of equal rights and opportunities between women and men.


Master to Popularity, 1997.

The consistency with which we have treated the design of our shapes and the surface treatment of our pieces have earned us recognition for the popularity of our work.


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