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The magic of ceramic
We bring art to the youngest


Alfajar’s Commitment to education

In Alfajar we have our workshop in Alhaurín de la Torre where we hold ceramic classes for beginners and an educational center. These classes are taught by creative ceramic artists in Malaga.

We adapt to different spaces

These classes can be held only in our workshop or between the school that requests it and our workshop, depending on the time and programming that suits each student and educational stage.

Activities with Schools

We organize group visits with Primary Education students who come accompanied by their teachers to attend theoretical-practical ceramics classes.

During the 2019-2020 academic year, the students of the CEIP Maruja Mallo de Alhaurín de la Torre visited our facilities as part of an extracurricular activity scheduled in their Center Plan where we were able to share with them the process of ceramic creation.

Being a center that works with a project methodology in the Infant Education stage, we were able to carry out a workshop about pottery in Prehistory with these students in their classrooms, in which each child modeled a Neolithic bowl.

During the 2018-2019 academic year, we also carried out a Radial Ceramics Course with Secondary School students within a Summer Campus in La Mosca, El Palo. We believe that it is essential to bring ceramic creation closer to all ages so that students understand the importance this type of pieces has had throughout history until today.

Business practice

During the last 10 years, students of the Higher Degree Training Cycle in Artistic Ceramics, and the Pottery Training Cycle of the San Telmo School of Arts and other centers in Andalusia have carried out their company practices in Alfajar, thus completing their artistic training with us.

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Curso Campanillas
Curso Campanillas


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