Bottles and vases

Observing the variety and richness of our bottles and vases, we can see how nature offers fascinating forms. Shadows, volumes and textures that sculpt  earth and clay in a peculiar way. In them, one believes to see authentic works of art.

After 30 years of experience, we can assure that the objective of Alfajar is to express the inner relationship of each person with the world, and therefore, with the nature around them. In this case through sculpture, transferring that relationship with the world to a round shape and in this case with the wide range of bottles and vases we have.

The shapes are inspired by traditional vases from the different cultures that once populated the Mediterranean: Etruscan, Iberian, Mycenaean, Muslim, Greek and Roman, although treated with a coherence of style that implies geometrically stylized silhouettes and a simplification of volumes and structures.

Cubism and expressionism also play a very important role in our work. Our intention is to achieve that synthesis between the simplification of classical Mediterranean forms and the avant-garde of the 20th century, in this case applied to sculpture.

Within this variety there are stoneware and majolica pieces. The stoneware works have a unique surface treatment, made by hand with iron, manganese, cobalt oxides and ash glazes, combining wax reserve and sgraffito techniques. It is finished in a single firing at 1250º C in an oxidizing atmosphere. The majolica pieces are fired at 1050º C, decorated with ceramic pigments and glazed with transparent enamels at 980º C. This line allows us to have a vibrant wide color variety. Each piece is different in its treatment in terms of the use of color and the expressiveness of lines and stains, which makes it even more unique and special.

Bottles and vases


The richness and variety of shapes are inspired by traditional Mediterranean culture with the exclusive touch of our contemporary style.

Botellas y vasos
Alcuza cono pequeña
42,00 Taxes included
Alcuza pequeña
42,00 Taxes included
Botella alta mediana
58,00 Taxes included
Botella alta pequeña
42,00 Taxes included
Botella antropomorfa
70,00 Taxes included
Botella mediana
58,00 Taxes included
Botella baja pequeña
42,00 Taxes included
42,00 Taxes included
118,00 Taxes included
Botella bisel mediana
104,00 Taxes included
Botella bisel pequeña
79,00 Taxes included
Botella cilíndrica asa
142,00 Taxes included
Botella cilíndrica grande dos bocas asa
142,00 Taxes included
Botella cilíndrica jarra
142,00 Taxes included
Botella cono grande
57,00 Taxes included
Botella cono pequeña
42,00 Taxes included
Botella faenza
77,00 Taxes included
68,00 Taxes included
Botella Habitat
194,00 Taxes included
Botella messina
78,00 Taxes included
Botella plana A
194,00 Taxes included
Botella plana B
170,00 Taxes included
Botella teja
65,00 Taxes included
Botella teja grande
94,00 Taxes included