Sometimes nature offers fascinating forms. Shadows, volumes and textures that sculpt  earth and clay in a peculiar way. In them, one believes to see authentic works of art. Alfajar shares this objective: to express the inner relationship of each person with the world, and therefore, with the nature around them. In this case through sculpture, transferring that relationship with the world to a round shape.

The shapes are inspired by traditional ceramic from the different cultures that once populated the Mediterranean: Etruscan, Iberian, Mycenaean, Muslim, Greek and Roman, although treated with a coherence of style that implies geometrically stylized silhouettes and a simplification of volumes and structures.

Cubism and expressionism also play a very important role in our work. Our intention is to achieve that synthesis between the simplification of classical Mediterranean forms and the avant-garde of the 20th century, in this case applied to sculpture.



Each piece receives an individualized treatment that makes it a unique and unrepeatable work, with the handwritten signature of its author.

230,00 Taxes included
Caballo hierro y pátina
122,00 Taxes included
Caballo ibérico
142,00 Taxes included
630,00 Taxes included
630,00 Taxes included
Don Quijote
46,00 Taxes included
Escultura cabeza II
251,00 Taxes included
Escultura de mujer sobre stand de hierro
310,00 Taxes included
Escultura de mujer tumbada
310,00 Taxes included
Farola Alfajar
55,00 Taxes included
34,00 Taxes included
Tarjeta regalo
100,00 Taxes included
Mini toro alargado
47,00 Taxes included
Mini toro chato
47,00 Taxes included
Ninfa II
363,00 Taxes included
Paloma grande
90,00 Taxes included
76,00 Taxes included
Paloma pequeña
64,00 Taxes included
29,00 Taxes included
Toro Grande
310,00 Taxes included
Toro Miura
198,00 Taxes included
Toro pequeño
142,00 Taxes included
Toro súper grande
630,00 Taxes included