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We work in our workshop the artisanal process of generating ceramic pieces, from the idea and design of the volume to the decoration and firing of the finished piece.

The origin in each piece is a volumetric shape that is modeled, carved, turned or made with a technique and material appropriate to the formal characteristics of the piece.


Alfajar has deliberately opted for an artisanal approach to ceramic creation that is based on the following principles:

  1. All the processes of elaboration of shapes and surface treatments of each piece are preferably manual.
  2. We provide exclusive treatment and attention to each piece, endorsed by the author’s handwritten signature.
  3. We use surface treatment techniques that allow a wide range of improvisation and variations according to the artist’s inspiration.
  4. We renounce the use of industrial processes, both in the generation of forms, and in the pictorial treatment of its surface.

The prototype piece goes to the emptying section where the plaster matrix used in the reproduction by slip casting of the pieces in stoneware, porcelain or earthenware is made.

The surface treatment is applied piece by piece with two different decoration techniques: under cover and mixed sgraffito and wax reserve, applied respectively to pieces at low or high temperature.

Baking preferably takes place in electric and occasionally propane ovens.

All these processes and some other alternatives are always carried out manually, with individual attention to each work, which guarantees the uniqueness of each piece.

Quiénes somos


From Ulises to Picasso


The shapes are inspired by traditional vases from the different cultures that have populated the Mediterranean: Etruscan, Iberian, Mycenaean, Muslim, Greek and Roman, although treated with a coherence of style that implies a geometric stylization of the silhouettes, a simplification of the volumes and of the structures.

Our ceramics have their roots in the Mediterranean, its civilizations, its myths, its heroes, its creators from archaic times to the avant-garde, passing through the Renaissance.

Each piece receives an individualized treatment that makes it a unique and unrepeatable work, with the handwritten signature of its author.


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