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Alfajar is a creative company, resistant to adversity and a facilitator of new exhibition spaces and new methods of craft creation. Thanks to their talent and ability to adapt, they have managed to distinguish themselves in the invisibility of their sector, not only resisting but also advancing.

Their constant work, the ability to take up tradition and unite it with the most contemporary vision of current ceramics and their curiosity to be nurtured by other ways of facing ceramic creation makes the continuous training of potters as well as the updating of knowledge and techniques is one of Alfajar’s commitments.

Intensive monographs

With variable periodicity, we organize intensive monographic Workshops given during the weekend by renowned speakers with extensive international experience. The themes have been very varied and the calls very well accepted, reaching several calls to accommodate all interested students.

We inform you

In recent years we have been visited by:

  • Hisae Yanase and Antonio I. González:Carving pottery. 2017.
  • Xavier Montsalvatge: Painting and drawing on ceramics. 2017.
  • Rafaela Pareja: Porcelain with paper and additives. 2018.
  • Anima Roos: Graphic decoration and transfer technique. 2019.
  • Miguel Molet: Terras sigillatadas, naked raku. 2019.

Ceramic experience with Alfajar

We organize short one-session courses and workshops to bring ceramic creation closer to all kinds of audiences: potters, plastic artists, illustrators, designers or any person interested in ceramics. It is not necessary to have prior knowledge of the techniques.

Primitive ceramic vs Pit firing in 2018

Within the First International Meeting of Architecture and Interior Design in 2018 in La Térmica, Málaga, which was organized by Málaga Decora, we carried out a workshop on Primitive Ceramics versus Pit firing. This session tried to relate this archaic period of ceramics with contemporary trends, which, although created with a different purpose (aesthetic versus utilitarian or ritual), share a firing method and a certain similarity in the results.

Workshop Rafaell
Workshop Rafaela
Workshop Rafaela
Workshop Rafaela
Workshop Rafaela
Workshop Rafaela
Workshop Rafaela
Workshop Rafaela
Workshop Rafaela
Workshop Rafaela


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