In recent years Alfajar has incorporated a new color production line with majolica pieces fired at 1050º C that are decorated with ceramic pigments and glazed with transparent enamels at 980º C.

This line of work allows us to have a wide and vibrant color range. Each piece receives an individualized treatment that makes it a unique and unrepeatable work, with the handwritten signature of its author.

It is very important to note that you can buy the available models that we have in the store and choose the one you like the most. But when placing an order through our website for any of the models, you must accept the exclusivity that the piece will have when it is received. Each piece is different in its treatment in terms of the use of color and the expressiveness of lines and stains, which makes it even more unique and special. We always work following our line of work but in this line the brushes rule.

Sometimes nature offers fascinating forms. Shadows, volumes and textures that acquire a peculiar way of sculpting earth and clay. One believes to see in them authentic works of art. That is why we work with sculpture and here we add the dimension of the expressiveness of color as something essential.

Alfajar aims to express the inner relationship of each person with the world, and therefore, with the nature around them. In this case through pieces of an expressive and vibrant color that recall the “joie de vivre” (joy of living) that the Fauves already showed.

Cubism and expressionism also play a very important role in our work, our intention is to achieve that synthesis between the simplification of classic Mediterranean forms and the avant-garde of the 20th century, in this case applied to color.



The freest expression of color and Alfajar’s sensitivity. Each piece has a unique treatment in the arrangement of lines and color spots.

Tarjeta regalo
100,00 Taxes included
Toro SG color
630,00 Taxes included
310,00 Taxes included
142,00 Taxes included
198,00 Taxes included
Caballo ibérico color
142,00 Taxes included
Caballo súper grande color
630,00 Taxes included
184,00 Taxes included
184,00 Taxes included
Lenticular vertical mediana una boca y dos asas color
112,00 Taxes included
88,00 Taxes included
Botella tensión color
136,00 Taxes included
46,00 Taxes included
Botella teja color
76,00 Taxes included
Ninfa II color
363,00 Taxes included
87,00 Taxes included
250,00 Taxes included
Lámpara triangular color
242,00 Taxes included
Lámpara cónica color
242,00 Taxes included
Lámpara cubo color
242,00 Taxes included
Florero oval color
138,00 Taxes included
78,00 Taxes included
Bandeja triangular
74,00 Taxes included
Bandeja cuadrada color
112,00 Taxes included