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Bandeja grande Las Meninas

REF: 0155SC


Special tray made of stoneware with decoration inspired by Las Meninas by Velázquez. Dimensions: 48x34x5cm.

Bandeja grande Las Meninas (Las Meninas large tray) inspired by the well-known painting by Diego de Velázquez is one of our most special trays. Each piece receives an individualized surface treatment that makes it a unique and unrepeatable work, with the handwritten signature of its author. All our pieces are made 100% by hand in Malaga. The support is not included in the price. The phase that most characterizes our work is the surface treatment. It is always done by hand and individually in each piece with the technique called wax reserve. We have adopted this ancient technique, delving into all its possibilities and providing some differential aspects that adapt it to our form of expression.

Bandeja grande Las Meninas (Las Meninas large tray): a classic.

The technique for applying the surface treatment is based on the reciprocal repulsion between the wax and the water used as a vehicle for the application of the iron and manganese oxides and the ash glazes that we also formulate. One way to increase the graphic possibilities of the wax reserve is to complement it with another ancient technique: sgraffito. The resulting mixed technique in a chromatic range that includes the black and red of the oxides and the whites, ochres, and blues of the ash glaze, confers the distinctive character of our ceramics. The different models of trays, bowls and plates are made with high-temperature clays: stoneware, refractory and porcelain. These are the materials used to make the pieces, sometimes from plates pressed in a rolling mill, others by reproducing them in plaster molds made from prototypes of our creation, others using the traditional potter's wheel. They are elaborated pieces, decorated and glazed in crude oil that are finished in a single firing at 1200º C in an oxidizing atmosphere. All our pieces are inspired by the Mediterranean ceramic tradition throughout history, but they adopt their contemporary appearance thanks to the stylization and synthesis of forms carried out by the Alfajar artists.    

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Are shipments safe?

Yes, they are very safe. Our packages are fully insured and packed with specific material for ceramics. We use bubble wrap, cardboard, and depending on the type of shipment, a European pallet or a custom-made wooden box, if necessary.

We ship daily and worldwide. In the unlikely event of a breakage, there is a period of 24 hours to give notice of this incident, sending photographic evidence of the incident to: of the broken piece, and of the outer and inner packaging, in case it shows signs of having been hit or wet, thus weakening its exterior. In this case, both the damaged part and the packaging must be kept, as they can be claimed by insurance.

Shipments usually takes from 2 to 5 days in national territory and from 5 to 15 days for international shipments, if you want to know the status of your shipment, we can send you the tracking so you can see the changes in the status of your order, you can write us to:

We are not responsible for external fees that may apply at Customs in the destination countries.

Important information

All the pieces are different and unique, that is what it makes them special . After the purchase process, you will receive a piece with the same style as the one you are seeing, but the drawings and final finish of the enamels may vary a little. Everything is hand made.

Can I put water inside my ceramic?

There are some models that are designed expressly for that, as is the case of vases. These models are enameled inside, which waterproofs them and prepares them for use with water. In the event that they are not enameled inside, it could easily be refilled with water, but the base would ooz a little water, like the example of Spanish “botijo”. The ceramic body would not be damaged but a small plate would have to be placed underneath.


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