From December 15 to January 9 it is possible to visit the new exhibition in the Sala Alfajar. Ahmad Ghoreishi’s most recent paintings arrive in Alfajar.

The Alfajar Sala houses the works of the architect, painter and sculptor Ahmad Ghoreishi. The exhibition will remain open from December 15 to January 9, next to the Cathedral, at C/ Císter, 1, door 2, Málaga.

The DIALOGUES are his latest works, most completed in 2023, and involve an internal reflection when painting, a tireless search to reach a balance, to have an adequate and satisfactory response to complexities and unforeseen events when carrying out any task. artistic work.

Living near the sea has inspired many of his works, which are characterized by their simplicity in shapes and volumes, but also by the richness of color, especially in his paintings. These are a sensory, different and symbolic experience, the result of many decades of dedication and work. Space, color and light are important and constant elements, creating harmony and balance, filling with warmth.

Ahmad Ghoreishi, originally from Iran, settled in Spain in 1982. Although an architect by profession, he has had a long artistic career, in painting, sculpture and ceramics. He is a multifaceted artist, using watercolors, acrylics, prints, etc. to bring to life everything he wants to express on a canvas or a three-dimensional piece. He has exhibited in many cities (both individually and in groups) throughout the Malaga coast, but also in Seville, Córdoba, Jaén, Mallorca or Zaragoza.

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