From October 27 to December 12 it is possible to visit the new exhibition in the Sala Alfajar. Patricia Pittet unites people with the land with her new works.

The Alfajar Room houses the works of the sculptural artist Patricia Pittet. The exhibition will remain open from October 27 to December 12, next to the Cathedral, in C/ Císter, 1, door 2, Málaga.

The organic shapes with irregular, even striped, contours of Patricia Pittet’s sculptures seem taken directly from nature. Obtaining this result requires long work and each shape, texture, color… are entirely reconstituted. Being able to model these materials while preserving the finesse and poetry that characterize her works requires constantly experimenting with new recipes and innovating in the combination of techniques and materials.

With this work and her vision, her pieces emanate strength, energy and a lot of grace.
Whether suspended, mounted on stems or balanced, they appear alive, crystallizing the emotions that nature brings us. Each sculpture seems to bear the marks of its journey, the patina of time, while maintaining the essence of being freshly made. The cycle of life, a miracle that often seems to hang by a thread, is undoubtedly at the center of her work. Through these creations, Patricia Pittet weaves the fragile bond that unites us to the earth and moves us.

Her inspiration is often born in dreams. She imagines the symbiosis with nature, whether sand or forest, harvesting what will give shape to her ideas: organic, round, protective and fertile shapes. Pebbles, bark, dried cacti or shells that will leave their marks on the material and her work. Patricia Pittet shares her time between the Vaud Riviera, Switzerland, and the wild nature of Andalusia.

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