From September 29 to October 24 it is possible to visit the new exhibition in the Sala Alfajar. An international group exhibition arrives to Malaga in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the death of Pablo Picasso.

The Sala Alfajar will be the place where 92 Mexican artists will meet. The exhibition will remain open from September 29 to October 24, next to the Cathedral, in C/ Císter, 1, door 2, Málaga.

92 Mexican artists (from 25 states of the republic and some Chileans and Colombians) meet, one for each of the 92 years that Picasso lived. A tribute to the precursor of cubism, abstractionism and surrealism in the city where he was born and grew up and where each artist presents 3 works, in small format. All were created especially for this project, carried out by AREA7, by Fernando Aroche Bell

The techniques used in the works are as varied as their artists: oil painting, collage, watercolor, photography, cyanotype, etc. “In all these years we have worked to support artists so that they can generate or expand, in some cases, their international resume. Furthermore, by unifying the formats we ensure that each work achieves its fair value by itself, by its manufacturing, and not by its size,” Aroche points out.

Fernando Aroche has been a cultural promoter and manager for 25 years, having created other projects such as “100 Fridas for Frida”, “Mosaics for Dantes” and “Tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci”. The present project is, in addition, self-managed through the artists themselves and has been exhibited in Madrid this summer. Aroche tells how he traveled with 276 works of art (20 x 20) in his suitcase from Mexico to be able to exhibit them.

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