From August 18 to September 25 you can visit the new exhibition in Sala Alfajar. The Swiss painter Oliver Schneider brings us a new colorful exhibition full of powerful brushstrokes.

The Alfajar Room is filled with the color and shapes of Oliver Schneider’s paintings. The exhibition will remain open from August 18 to September 25, next to the Cathedral, at C/ Císter, 1, door 2, Málaga.

Oliver Schneider’s painting is filled with vibrant colors and transparencies as he explores the fluids and energy of each brush stroke. His paintings are abstract, but there is often a sense of space and depth in them. The circular shapes create that depth and help to read the painting as a whole. Paper and a mixed technique are usually his bases, sometimes with a few strokes, others superimposing shapes and colors, creating all kinds of “landscapes” that under each eye will reveal something different. His paintings express the emotions that arise and cross the mind in an intuitive and spontaneous way.

“Each gesture carries its own energy, the mark it leaves behind is the proof. Sometimes powerful, sometimes fragile, sometimes graceful, little by little the painting comes to life.
It is up to the painter to accompany the painting in its destiny, grant it a part of the unfinished, the same that still leaves room for each one’s fantasy.
An exciting path that can be done a thousand times without ceasing to be amazed by the magic of his trajectory. The painting can be explained, rooted in an approach, conceptualized… but the essential is not there. Breathe, look, feel the echo that resonates in itself… there it is… our universe a new window has just been offered”

Oliver Schneider is a Swiss painter living in Andalusia. In his exhibitions we constantly find the poetry of his search for the fragile balance between the strength and intensity of the gesture and the fineness of the unfinished, that necessary space that allows us to project our own sensitivity. His world is affirmed: the look is refined, the gesture is released, the techniques are enriched… the adventure continues.

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