From March 24 to May 8, you can enjoy the new exhibition in Sala Alfajar. Discover the new Alfajar pottery in its most characteristic technique.

The Alfajar Hall is once again filled with unique and original pieces by Alfajar. The exhibition will be open from March 24 to May 8, next to the Cathedral, at C/ Císter, 1, door 2, Málaga.

In this new exhibition by Alfajar, entitled “Bahía toro”, we will see the balance between the void and the container, between the human being and nature. Large pieces, with a rustic appearance and colours, but full of life, delicacy, strength and details. The image of the bull stands out in the decoration, so important in Mediterranean cultures as a symbol of fecundating power, of vital propagation. It is also related to the mythical figure of the Minotaur, to the Egyptian bull Apis, to the bullfighting dances of ancient Crete and to the cult of Mithras. These attributes, which permeate our cultural heritage, are part of the inspiration for these new pieces.

If we look into the history of ceramics, it goes back to the very history of almost all the peoples of the world and it is the relationships of humans that have allowed the progress of this art. Ceramic is directly related to nature and life, being a manual work and with materials from earth. Alfajar’s new work combines these concepts in its forms and decoration with oxides, maintaining the purity of the materials.

The irregularity of the handmade pieces is a reflection of life and nature: although similar, every being is different, it has its character, moving us away from cold and inexpressive perfection. Thus, each piece is unique, having been created from basic elements, transformed by hand and finished by the sometimes capricious action of fire.

Alfajar has been making its own unique ceramics for more than 30 years. Do not miss the opportunity to see their new pieces in this exhibition.

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