From February 3 to March 20 you can enjoy the new exhibition in Sala Alfajar. On this occasion, by the hand of the painter Karina Zothner, who shows her new work.

Karina Zothner visits the Alfajar Room with her exhibition titled To the West of the South. The exhibition will be open from February 3 to March 20, next to the Cathedral, at C/ Císter, 1, door 2, Málaga.

In her painting the intensity of life and things are reflected, going from excitement to rest or from meditation to excess. The strokes are full of strength and movement, supported by changes and mixtures of color. With her abstract and gestural style, the artist shows that she likes to move outside her comfort zone, playing with opposites: balance within imbalance, movement in stillness, paradox, unanswered question or the roar of the void.

Karina Zothner is of Argentine and Chilean roots, but she grew up in Madrid. In love with the powerful and wild energy of Tarifa, she has lived there for more than 20 years. She is a painter, photographer, performer and video artist; she defines herself as eclectic, curious and multidisciplinary.

She is a renowned artist, having had individual and collective exhibitions in Extremadura, Seville, Asturias, Alicante, Madrid, Malaga, Portugal and Switzerland.

Come to enjoy the color, originality and liveliness of the works of Karina Zothner, a painter who does not leave anyone indifferent.

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