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Alfajar and Christian Bozon
The colour of Christian Bozon


Christian Bozon

Christian Bozon is an artist of color and light who was born in Lons-le-Saunier (Jura) in 1969. His beginnings between France, Spain and Morocco mark his work. Christian Bozon is dedicated to printing and engraving, handling colors with skill. His work usually presents warm tones, oscillating between abstraction and imaginary figures. In graphic art, his main expression techniques are aquatint and soft varnish, techniques used mainly for the realization of the same work. Bozon also dominates the drypoint technique or the black way.

Engraver and painter, the artist lives in Malaga (Spain) where he has now worked for more than ten years in the ”Taller gravura”, created in 1981, Paco Aguilar’s workshop whom he met at a meeting of Mediterranean artists in 1993. Christian Bozon exhibits frequently in Europe, Japan, the United States, Africa, in personal or collective exhibitions (galleries, institutions, biennials, salons) and his work has been awarded several times both in France and in Spain.

Christian Bozon
Christian Bozon
Christian Bozon
Christian Bozon
Christian Bozon

Visit us:

Císter 1, door 2, CP: 29015 Malaga.
We are in front of the gardens of Los Naranjos of the Malaga Cathedral.

+34 952 211 272


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